Meet First 5 Marin's Executive Director

Before joining First 5 Marin, Dr. Faed served as the director of “Our Children Our Families Council” in San Francisco. She previously worked as a research analyst and senior program officer for First 5 LA, and as a Health Equity Fellow for San Francisco’s maternal, child and adolescent health program.


Dr. Faed earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Public Health from the University of Southern California, and a Doctor of Public Health from Loma Linda University.


“I am thrilled to join First 5 Marin,” said Dr. Faed. “There is great work being done for young children in this county, and I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone involved and joining the community that is so committed to children and families.”


Dr. Faed will lead a diverse commission in supporting First 5 Marin’s priorities: early childhood health, school readiness and community support for families.


“I’m fortunate to have years of experience with First 5,” Dr. Faed said, “and I’m eager to bring that experience to Marin County. I’m also enthusiastic about building strong partnerships, dedicated to children, with government, business, non-profit, education, healthcare and philanthropic organizations. Working together, I think we can accomplish great things for the children and families in Marin County.”


“Certainly, all that is affected by the unique and pressing needs resulting from the COVID pandemic,” Dr. Faed said. “So, I will also be looking at immediate concerns facing families such as sufficient food, affordable housing and fair wages and unemployment. I also want to address the needs of the teachers, child care providers, pediatricians and non-profit providers. There’s a lot of work to do.”


“We are so happy to have Dr. Faed at First 5 Marin,” said commission chair Kristen Seatavakin. “She has demonstrated her dedication and commitment to children and families throughout the course of her career and her ongoing education. Our commission is very confident that Pegah will continue First 5 Marin’s history of leadership and effectiveness.”