Mission, Vision & Goals

The First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission guides the investment of Proposition 10 funds in Marin County.


We work for and in support of children and families with the greatest need by strengthening systems, advocating at the regional and state levels, and providing services and supports.


Every child in Marin County will thrive in supportive families and communities that nurture their greatest potential.

Together with families, communities and other partners, the First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission will create a Marin where the health and welfare of all of our children influences core decisions at every level of our political and public institutions, and in every community. 

There will be understanding across and among communities about the varied opportunities and needs of children. As a community, Marin will act upon the knowledge that what we do to increase the potential of less advantaged children improves the potential for all children. Families will have the knowledge and tools to advocate for their children.

As a result of our efforts, all children will have access to affordable health care, opportunities that promote success in school, and they will live in families and communities that provide for their optimal health, safety and well-being.


We connect families to services and resources to optimize their child’s development.

We support high quality early care and education to encourage early development.

We promote both physical and mental health for children.