Help Me Grow Marin

Help Me Grow Marin connects parents, caregivers and providers with information and resources about early childhood development. To learn more, visit the buttons below.

First 5 California: Parenting Website

On the First 5 California website, browse for information by the age of a child, explore by topics, watch videos, get links to activities by your child’s age, or find help on a variety of issues for yourself or your family. 

California Parent Guide

The California Parent Guide (from First 5 California)—what you need to know to help your child grow up healthy and thrive. The Guide provides detailed information about infant, toddler and preschooler development, needs and safety issues as well as information about becoming a parent and about family health and well-being. is the website for parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It includes detailed information, articles and advice about the “ages and stages” of childhood, healthy living, safety and prevention and family life—as well as health issues, news, and tips and tools for parents. (See also en Espanol) 

Activities for Young Children

Visit the Help Me Grow Marin page for a wealth of online activities for young children, books and stories and local activities/places for families to go in and around Marin.